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Finding a Doctor

For the past week, my friends and I have really been talking about navigating the mental health/health system and how challenging it can be. One of them is transitioning into adulthood (just turned 21) and is contemplating taking the next step to transition into a woman, so they have encountered so many different obstacles and mentioned that they were struggling with their overall identity and place in the world but also in the medical world. Just seems like there’s not enough doctors (locally that is) that really have experience with transitioning individuals, so our input on resources has been extremely slim. It’s already a lot to deal with finding ourselves so I can only imagine how intimidating/upsetting it is to not be able to find the help needed.

During some research, I came across this video this past Friday and it just really gave me chills. To know that my friend, or anyone else, is going through this (and is brave enough to share) is really emotional for me. Chris is facing a similar, if not identical, struggle that my friend is facing. Finding a doctor who you can connect to and trust is just so hard. The search shouldn’t be this hard but then again, this is something new for the world that is slowly becoming more widely accepted so I hope that in a few years it becomes easier.


One Reply to “Finding a Doctor”

  1. Sam B. says:

    Yeah it’s really important and heard to find the right doctor, one that is open and doesn’t judge! I hope that everything works out for Chris 🙂

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