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Delonte West and his public struggle with bipolar disorder

Delonte West was once a great player in the NBA, who played a solid role for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But he has publicly struggled with bipolar disorder for years. Under the light of media some people make fun of his situation, almost like people don’t realize that they are laughing at someone who is struggling. This article I read really has the right perspective that it’s not funny. It sucks that he has lost so much to this disease and hasn’t found proper help yet.

“But for the sake of this player, who has had his most intimate, personal trials strung out in the glaring public light for all to see and judge, for the sake of this man who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder eight years ago and, crucially, for the sake of all those other men and women suffering from disorders like West’s, this incident serves as a necessary, timely reminder that there is nothing funny about mental illness or those who are afflicted by it.”

Check out the really on point article here —> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/delonte-west-mental-illness_us_56cb3163e4b0928f5a6c7b97

2 Replies to “Delonte West and his public struggle with bipolar disorder”

  1. Amily says:

    Why would anyone ever laugh at someone who is struggling??? That’s so messed up! I think it’s brave when someone, especially a famous person, is open about mental health struggles. It’s such a misunderstood and taboo topic that I feel it’s a good thing when someone who is well known speaks about their struggles, as a reminder than anyone can be affected and no one is alone in this.

  2. RaiC says:

    People who find comedy in others struggle are simply insensitive and obviously ignorant to it all. I think it’s so sad and people need to do a better job with empathy. I think the way that Delonte has been addressing fans and the media is what is triggering all of the comments. The people around him, whoever it is, need to help him. I honestly do not think he understands what he is going through. People are having a blast with spinning his words, making memes out of his appearance and old career, and keep comparing him to what he use to be… unfortunately it’s the nature of social media. His transition and downward spiral has happened to plenty of players and its serious! I wonder why no one is stepping in! This is actually the first that I’ve seen him in the media in quite awhile, so hopefully this will encourage people to step up and really help him figure things out.

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