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Hey, everyone.

This post is gonna be different than what I usually talk about. I try to swing to either funny stuff or softer things, but government corruption has been on my mind.

That being said, I want to be respectful of all opinions and political affiliations, but I am tired of corruption. On the news, you always hear of candidates that were involved in some scandal. This is not news to anyone.

But what concerns be right now is all the injustice. It is sometimes hard to keep hope when people in power walk out of things Scott free. We have innocent people who are struggling, yet multimillionaires can do whatever they want.

I know I need to maintain hope and keep pushing forward, but I am going to have some meme therapy on this post….

2 Replies to “Corruption”

  1. Terri6902 says:

    How is it even possible that government officials can take money from private institutions? yuk!

  2. Kevin A. says:

    There are many people who share your concerns Michael,

    The divide in society is truly distressing, lets keep talking about it and working for the change we want to see.

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