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Have you ever felt like this?


Not everything in life is full of rainbows and dandelions, in fact being a young adult in this day in age can be really difficult! Some days #adulting feels just like this, when you can look both ways before crossing the street and then you end up getting hit by a plane instead ?? Here’s to pushing through those hard days and being a survivor of life!

What kinds of “adulting” things seem to be harder for you?

What kinds of things are easier than you expected?

5 Replies to “#Adulting”

  1. torry22 says:

    Great questions, Luz.

    Harder I would say I didn’t think that budgeting would be so hard because I was really good at it starting off. But it seems like it’s been getting harder lately.
    Easier- I think that time management was something I thought I’d have to work on but I do really well at it now and I didn’t think that would be the case.

  2. Luz.Feliz says:


    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. I feel like for me, I’ve definitely struggled with both time management and budgeting, but I’ve learned how to balance them both with time and practice. I think what I thought was going to be harder that wasn’t that hard at all was showing up for responsibilities. I felt that after graduating high school it would be harder to force myself to go to things that weren’t necessarily mandatory, but I’ve done very well with showing up for things like work and making sure I take care of what I am responsible for.

    What I feel like has been harder than I had previously anticipated has got to be the amount of socialization that is required at this level of life. I feel like when I was younger I could get by with not wanting to be so social, but now I am forced to participate in life, engage in dialogues, and not be a homebody so much.

  3. Michael says:

    Hmm… This is a really cool topic. I would say harder (right now) is motivation. The winter hits me really hard seasonally, so it seems like it takes a mountain for me to move a molehill this time of year.

    What has been easier is trying to build in quiet time. I often bounce from one thing to the next without time to just sit. I find that is refreshes me and lets me think clearly!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Luz,

    Transitioning into adulthood is really difficult for me. The one thing I struggle with the most is having to pay my bills. I don’t have that much money and it is very hard for me to budget. But as a young adult you just need to try your best and learn as you go. Even learning from your mistakes is making progress. Thank you for posting this Luz, this is a great topic.

  5. labate says:

    woah this sounds cool!!! awesome thanks so much for sharing!

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