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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, February 21-27 is here!! We are helping to spread awareness about the needs of people with eating disorders and their families. You can check out our resources on eating disorders HERE and/or visit THIS WEBSITE to take an anonymous eating disorder screening! Online screenings are an effective first step in eating disorder intervention. Similar to other illnesses, early intervention can significantly increase recovery.

To kick off National Eating Disorder Awareness week… I thought I’d throw this out there: Social media helps fuel some eating disorders Read the article first lol

Almost every month is themed and has some sort of week dedicated to the awareness of something. Organizations and individuals take to media to spread the message and of course to connect to the billions of other people on the internet, in an effort to raise recognition about any one thing.. You would think that was an awesome idea right? We have advanced so much with our tech and a large portion of people spend a lot of time on or watching the media for whatever reason… so why wouldn’t one capitalize on this.

For some people, social media has not been very user friendly and a lot of people find it more damaging and detrimental to one’s recovery. In the article, a young adult who dealt with bulimia, complains of social media and the messages conveyed by different groups and communities, suggesting that Insta and FB are image driven. I completely get where she’s coming from and I understand that social media can be overwhelming (especially depending on who you are and what you’ve been through/going through). Social media opens up the door to a lot… & most times, gives too much access and freedom to people with overpowering and convincing perspectives that can be harmful.

I think its awesome to use media platforms for good… and to promote healthy habits. It can be something awesome but if one does not have the balance or will power to separate the good vs bad ideas, social media can become a nightmare.

Does it make sense to keep all the good and get rid of the bad on social media? Everyone is entitled to post and share as they please so I’m really indifferent.

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