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Mental Health… A Family Affair

I wanted to share a moving article I found on a father’s journey with his son in the mental health system. It is a powerful story and a reminder to keep going!



One Reply to “Mental Health… A Family Affair”

  1. Amily says:

    Great article! A part that particularly stood out to me was where it was mentioned how classrooms have made accommodations for kids with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, but overlooked students like Tim who have emotional and mental health struggles. I remember in high school I was put on a 504 plan, I believe it was called, because even though I was a great student academically I still struggled with bipolar disorder.
    In the article it was mentioned how people in the state legislative didn’t even understand what PTSD was, and this lack of understanding is perhaps what causes people like Tim to fall into the terrible cycle of hospitalizations, homelessness, and incarceration. I wish every profession that requires working with other people would require at least one training to better inform employees on mental health issues.

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