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Generation Found Film Screening

Attention Young Adults!!!!

We have TWO FREE TICKETS to watch the film Generation Found TOMORROW (TUESDAY DEC 13TH)! If you will be in the Norwalk area and would like to attend the screening, please RSVP with Ally by 12:00pm Tuesday, December 13 at akernan@swrmhb.org

Generation Found will be showing at the Bow-Tie Royale 6 542 Westport Avenue, Norwalk, CT at 1:00pm on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH
If you would like to purchase a ticket, you can do so here by 12:00pm Tuesday!

From the creators of the groundbreaking film, The Anonymous People, comes Generation Found, a powerful story about one community coming together to ignite a youth addiction recovery revolution in their hometown. Devastated by an epidemic of addiction, Houston faced the reality of burying and locking up its young people at an alarming rate. In one of the largest cities in America, several people came together to build the world’s largest peer-driven youth and family recovery community.

Generation Found takes a look at how a system of treatment centers, sober high schools, alternative peer groups, and collegiate recovery programs can exist together to intervene early and provide a real and tested long-term alternative to the “War on Drugs”. It is not only a deeply personal story, but one with real-world utility for communities struggling with addiction worldwide.

Generation Found Film Screening

One Reply to “Generation Found Film Screening”

  1. RaiC says:

    Just got back from watching the film and I feel so great about where we are in this fight against addiction and for recovery. I dont want to spoil it too much for those of you who have not watched it but I am super impressed and amazed about how far we have come in understanding the key pieces to recovery. It starts with recognizing and understanding an issue and finding realistic ways to deal with it… and we are doing that fairly well. We’ve developed and promoted so many different forms of recovery and I can comfortably say, that we now get that recovery does not all look the same and one persons way of getting things done, does not always work for the next person. The film helped to support this idea of peer support and to me, that is KEY. It highlighted the importance of including the community, family and friends in the process and showed how successful that can be. It was realistic.

    I was really intrigued by the coverage of the film and how it tapped into the perspective on recovery and addiction of those in inner city communities. It was so interesting to me that even with recovery, young adults in inner city communities still do not have the same access to resources and care as those in other places. I was so impressed with the acknowledgment of that fact and how the people in the film fought for that opportunity.

    No we cannot save everyone but we can work hard to make a difference in one person, that in turn… will make a difference in another person… creating a domino effect. I feel so happy and I hope this system of care and all of the models in the film are adopted here in CT. It can def make a huge difference.

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