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Be A Man…

Hey everyone! This week is Men’s Health Week. *shoutout to all the men on the forum!*

As part of the awareness for Men’s Health, I wanted to bring awareness to a great organization. Merge for equality strives to break down the barrier of what it means to be a “man.” Part of health is solid emotional health and a strong sense of self. Often times, there is a limiting scope of what an acceptable man is.

For example, I always liked my sisters toys, and I tended to have more female friends growing up. In many ways, I was a complete outsider to what the traditional man was.

Please check out the link below for more information.
In what ways have you all perceived our culture of gender?

MERGE for Equality, Inc.

One Reply to “Be A Man…”

  1. Jamie0715 says:

    To be a real man you have to have responsibilities like a job, you have to be smart so stay in school for as long as you want. Learn how to help mom and others, it will come back to you one day or you might need somebody’s help sometime. Do your shores like take out the garbage and clean after yourself, and definitely
    keep yourself clean smelling good. Make your woman or anyone happy and, I bet that at the end you will feel good.

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