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      Hey guys. So lets talk about something a little serious and SUPER important really quick.
      Young voters should have the biggest voice in the elections- that’s because their are so many of us.
      Despite all our potential, we only vote at half the rate of older adults.
      Why is that? I have heard countless times, from people who really don’t know, that my vote is “pointless”.
      Haven’t we all heard that at some point in time? There has to be a reason why so many young people don’t vote, and it seems like so many of us feel powerless and voiceless. Well guys we all have the potential to have the LOUDEST votes. We can sway the vote in our favor. But if we want our voices to be heard we MUST vote!

      If you’re over 18 and live in CT the deadline to register to vote by mail or online is October 30th!
      If you do not have an id you can register by mail

      Are you registered?

      In CT more and more young adults are registering! Be a part of it!

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