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What to Expect at a Psych or Detox Unit

What to Expect at Your First Therapy Session

Meme Monday!

Hey Guys!!
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Best Places to Eat

I thought this topic would be useful for everyone since (most of) our users are in Connecticut! So post your favorite resteraunts and what city their in! Disclaimer: this is TOTALLY not for my own records *wink*

I’ll start:
Mancuso’s (italian) – Fairfield, CT
Mac It (Mac and Cheese joint) – Norwalk, CT

Talking to Death

I feel I am one of those few people who do not fear the concept of death and dying. As it stands, I would not be afraid to leave this lifetime at any given moment. Sometimes, I like to picture myself having a conversation with the spectre of Death, asking “what if..” and “how come…” but these, of course, are questions I will never have answers for.

Unless, well, you know–

I believe that death is not a defeat, and death is not a concept people should be scared of. It’s natural, it’s plain and simple and part of our reality. However. Talking to him as often as I do, making up scenarios and lifetimes I don’t often have the chance to come into contact with, it would seem to others I’m not even living at all; I’m fraternizing too fully with dying.

Someone in therapy once told me, “Don’t flirt with death too much, Fallyn. Or you’ll forget to live.”

For a long time I feel I forgot to live. Or even HOW to do so. But after awhile, Death and I just continue to be good friends. I wish to live and thrive, to be unburdened; I don’t want to die. But I don’t fear it either.

Life Skills: Becoming a Parent

Watch as young adults from YasBiz discuss pregnancy and being a parent. Check out our videos here and submit your own.

Whose line is it anyway?

Have you ever been doing something boring such as laundry or homework and stood back and started laughing hysterically for what seems to be the most random of reasons? I must admit that I tend to do this a lot and the most common theme that gets me to that point of hysteria is remembering things that have been said in previous conversations. Whether it’s those instances where my coworker was clucking like a chicken around the office while playing a game of truth or dare, or a friend telling me a story about how her elderly grandmother calls her walker “hey kitty kitty”, those types of memories and good quotes always cause me to start chuckling at the most unexpected times.

What are some of your favorite memories? Do they tend to pop into your head during the weirdest times as well?

BEST Advocacy Video Ever…

This is Coco Peru, perhaps one of the funniest Drag Queens right now. please watch her video and listen to her story about her trouble with the LA Parking Enforcement.

A lesson I am reminded is that to get people to care about issues you are standing up for, be sure to be relateable (or at least entertaining!)
I love how Coco Peru’s passion gets me fired up over this.

That is why I am voting this as one of the BEST videos for advocacy. Do yourself a favor and check it out ~ Michael