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Slowly but Surely Making This a New Year

Should I really be feeling left behind, now that we have entered a New Year but I’ve hardly been able to spare any time to recognize it? I worked New Years Eve, New Years Day and the day after.

The closest I’ve gotten to really thinking about the fact that its 2017 and its a New Year is me just sitting here on a boring day wondering what this year will bring.

Not that I have made any resolutions but I def want to get a few things done:
-A new gym membership – doesn’t have to be this month, could be by the end of the year but I really want to get back to serious workouts.

-A New Apartment – again, to be realistic, by the end of the year.

-And I want to crown the end of this semester with the best grades that I can possible achieve.

-And most importantly, I want to get my asylum over with. Enough of this anxiety that I experience whenever I think about it.

Still, regardless of how I am feeling emotionally, politically and economically, I am optimistic. I am looking forward to good things this year. I had a good Christmas and a great year end – cant complain. And now I am getting reading to go back to school and get even more productive. Its business as usual.