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    Kevin A.
    Kevin A.

    Jah Cure

    How do I feel about reggae music?

    Mixed feelings… it’s the music I grew up listening to but it’s also a genre of music that I have distanced myself from for some time. Going back to my roots – while it channels some very great memories, reggae music also brings back very unfortunate ones.

    Even so, I can’t deny my love for reggae music, it was my own ‘relax, study, sleep’ kind of music: for a peace of mind, I listened to reggae music to revitalize my sense of hope and purpose.

    Some of my favorite reggae artist, if you want to check them out includes Chronixx, Damian Marley, Protje, Etana, Jah Cure, Tanya Stephens, Jimi Cliff and more popular, Bob Marley.


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    I dont know anuthing about relaxing reggea but i know jamaican reggea but, i like the love songs like wine slow by gyptian, nobody has to kno by kranium. i think they cool I feel like they actually like someone alot and for real, like their are alot of beautifull resons to live for.

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    Something about reggae just makes man so relaxed and loose love it

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    Vee Ruiz
    Vee Ruiz

    I LOVE REGGAE but i can only listen to it for but so long. Everytime I’m at my bestfriends’ house, her mom has on this reggae station and we hear all reggae throwbacks. It’s more exciting to watch her family come all together and start dancing lol Reggae, both old and new, has a great vibe. It makes me feel really good.. the music is just so fun. The reggae that I hear when I go out (vybez kartel, popcaan, kranium, charly black, alkaline… ) has a different purpose & that’s to clearly get you off your feet and moving.

    I remember going to Jamaica and seeing these women and men whine their waist and dance in unison together… it’s so amazing! Just so cool how music can really get creep into your body and get you to do things that you dont even think about.. that’s when its so special. Reggae does that for me… there’s no care in the world. Just have fun with it.

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