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    Newport Academy is having a experiential therapy summer camp for teens!

    This is the part of the Summer that can start to drag a little, when the lack of structure gets “boring” and perhaps can lead to slips in recovery.

    Well the good news is that there are two summer camp sessions for teens to engage in therapeutic and recreational activities for 2 weeks!

    Activities such as paddle-boarding, hiking, volunteering, and more will make up your days if you are interested!

    If you would like a safe haven for the remainder of your summer, then contact Newport Academy
    Or you can register with Robin Seymour at 203-644-4605.

    The camp runs Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am- 3:00 pm
    The first session is from July 23- August 2. The second session is from August 13-23

    This is a great way to have a safe, fun, and structured remainder of your Summer!


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    I’m confused, where is this? Bethlehem? And this is not or is with the residents of Newport academy

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