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    Many people are familiar with the traditional bucket list, or list of things one wants to accomplish before their time on earth is up. With that being said, I figured I’d create a list detailing the complete opposite: things I hope to never do before I die. Here’s my anti-bucket list:

    -Experience a natural disaster

    -Go sky diving

    -Go bankrupt

    -Get married, but then end up divorced

    -Lose a child

    -Experience homelessness

    -Not be healthy enough to live a good life

    -Never become a homeowner

    -Never travel anywhere ever again

    -Never get to swim with dolphins

    -Develop a hatred for unicorns

    -Develop an allergy to chicken nuggets

    -Lose my best friends

    -Get fired from any job

    -Fail out of school

    -Not reach my full potential

    What would be on your list?

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