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      Back when I was living in Philly, where my music career started for a Hardcore band before I knew how to play any instruments, I was really into the “Hardcore Punk” (better known as ‘Hardcore’) scene there. At the time, one of my favorite Hardcore bands was a band called “Expire” and they have a song titled “Anxiety” that goes like this:

      Brain melt
      Note to self
      Do you remember just how it felt?
      Bit your tongue and you just dealt
      Until it all boils over
      That was your first mistake
      Need I remind you
      What got us here in the first place?

      Won’t let me go, won’t let me go
      So am I crazy?
      Well I don’t know, well I don’t know
      I can’t think straight

      Anxiety gets the best of me
      I take it all on the chin
      Trying to figure out where the f*** it all went
      Looking up from my back again

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      I don’t really listen to a lot of heavy metal but I really like those lyrics. They are really relatable.

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