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      Join us for an Evening with Kevin Breel on Monday, September 19th at 7:00pm.
      This is a great opportunity to hear Kevin speak out about mental health.
      He will speak about his own experience with mental illness and recovery.

      Sudler Hall
      100 Wall Street, New Haven, CT

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      I heard Kevin last year when he spoke in Stamford. If you guys don’t know who he is, he’s a standup comedian who wrote the book Confessions of a Depressed Comic. I actually thought his talk in person was even better than his TED talk that went viral! He is an amazing young adult advocate and it’s great that he’s coming back to CT.

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      This a great guy and he is coming close to home. I love this!

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      I heard Kevin Breel last year too! He ws really cool and relatable. It’s awesome someone taking an honest look at their experiences while also being able to laugh about some of it. It really shows a lot of acceptance. Humor gets me through time and again and it’s cool that he is the same way!

      I’ll definitely be there on September 19th, will you!?!?

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      Kevin A.

      Its tomorrow folks! This will be inspiring!

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      Sam B.

      I’m going tonight! I’m really looking forward to it!! 🙂

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      Wow! Kevin was awesome. He really had a moving story. And the way he weaved humor into everything was brilliant. I was dying laughing with a lot of his jokes. But I think the best thing was that he was really genuine and I could really tell he really cared about helping others.

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      It was def a great night. I didnt know what to expect from Kevin, even after looking him up online and what not, so yesterday came by surprise. He was legit. He was very cool and his delivery was everything. I completely agree Michael, he was so genuine. His experience with his and other’s mental health has helped him to build this brand, that is essentially spreading the word about everything that we need more of (awareness about mental health). It was refreshing to see someone in our shoes taking stage and getting people to really listen. Great sense of humor. Huge shoutout to Mind Matters too, they are doing such great work on campus.

      Look out for the feature on the event (An evening with Kevin Breel) in our Features section of the website (under the Resources).

      Here’s a pic of Kevin on stage during his talk & a group photo of the team (including bloggers and CTSTRONG).

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      Kevin A.

      There are more videos uploaded here: Check out what Kevin Breel actually thinks about Mental Health.

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