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How To Make A Positivity Jar

sweet potato serotonin boost

Growing a Sweet Potato Plant: Easy Serotonin Boost!

taking an afternoon break

#TurningPointMoment: Taking an Afternoon Break

cold weather self care

Cold Weather Self-Care

Hunt for Happiness week

Hunt for Happiness Week

Alex reflecting on transitioning to normal

Transitioning to Normal When Things Aren’t Normal

favorite things while sad

A Few of My Favorite Things When I’m Feeling Sad

study break tips

Study Break Tips

activities to do when stressed

Calming Activities For When You’re Feeling Stressed

trees with text about benefits of being outside

The Benefits of Being Outside

Coping When You’re Feeling Down

#CopingSkill: Jessica Shares a Helpful Breathing Technique

Jessica’s Coping Skill for an Anxiety Attack