NEED HELP? 1-800-273-8255 TXT "CTL" to 741741


Take your next step - check these directories for resources in your part of the state.

Need Help Now?

Looking for resources for yourself or a friend? There’s a lot of support out there in CT. If it’s a crisis, or if you or a friend need help now, scroll down & call one of the options below. They’re free & they’re great listeners! 

Otherwise, check out our other Resources pages:


Need Help Now? In a crisis…? Want to talk to someone now…? 

Call or text a trained crisis counselor to talk:


Developed by JoinRiseBe at Advocacy Unlimited to connect young people to community resources, motivate our peers to move forward, and inspire hope by demonstrating the positive outcomes of recovery. Call 1855-6-HopeNow to speak with a young person who can guide you towards wellness. Available 7 days a week from 12 noon-9pm.

Contact Mobile Crisis Services

Mobile crisis is a FREE, confidential service to help people having an emotional or behavioral crisis. You can talk with a therapist, or they can send someone to meet you wherever you are. They can even take you to the hospital if that would be best.

  • In Connecticut, you can call 211—the InfoLine—to reach Mobile Crisis services. Just dial 1 to speak directly to a Child Guidance crisis counselor; if you’re over 18, ask them for the number of the nearest adult mobile crisis team.
  • You can always call 911 anywhere in the US or Canada. It’s worth asking if you can talk to someone with Crisis Intervention Training (“CIT”).



We worked with a team of young people across the state to develop a map of social, recreational, and clinical resources for young people around the state. Now it’s your turn! Check the map out by clicking on the image or accessing it from our new Media Room. Please add in clubs, hangouts, youth groups, or whatever resources you think everyone should know about! You can also find programs and services you’ve used and rate them or add your comments. Visit the site directly at

If you are thinking about suicide, read this first:

  • Quoted

    I wish it was acceptable for people to talk about their mental illness. And earlier in life. I wish as part of health we talked about mental illness and mental health, like early. That’s really important.


  • Quoted

    The stuff they teach you in health class is not nearly as good as the stuff you’ll learn when you get the help you need.


  • Quoted

    It’s up to me to decide what I want for my life. They put the stepping stones but I have to build the rest of the bridge.


  • Quoted

    Try your hardest to get recovery. Try your best to stay focused on your recovery. Don’t be afraid.


  • Quoted

    If you’re depressed and you think it can’t get any worse, just think “I’m at the bottom, so the only way to go is up.


  • Quoted

    You can’t let your illness rule you.


  • Quoted

    I have to say to myself “you know, things are not bad. Things are pretty good. It could be worse, but they’re not".


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    Get the help. It’s going to help you in the long run.


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    The whole point of recovery is facing your fears.


  • Quoted

    You may not be ready, but there are people who have done it – if you don’t feel like you’re ready, just try. If it doesn’t work out you’re not going to be any worse off than you already are.