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    Kevin A.
    Kevin A.

    These are just some songs that I recently came across and fell in love with every one of them because they all introduced me to a whole new realm of music that I have been searching for. They tell stories from the heart and I am just amazed by the passion through each one.

    1. Benny – Boys Will Be Boys

    I’m so tired of your illusions
    Rules, they never change
    And my mind is so abusive from taking on the shapes
    When it comes to your love, is it unconditional?
    When it comes to my love, anything is fixable
    And all this noise is so relentless
    I need a second to breathe

    2. Kadie Elder – First Time He Kissed a Boy

    Keeping back
    The ghost inside
    Locked him in a pack
    All his life
    All his life

    3. Son of a Preacher Man – Tom Goss

    Being good isn’t always easy
    No matter how hard I tried

    4. Alfie Arcuri – If They Only Knew

    They’ve never ever had the strength
    To feel the way in what we met
    So leave, go home
    And leave, go home

    5. morgxn – home

    “You had a bed made
    And all these precious memories
    You had to run away
    You’re looking for that bigger stage”

    6. State of Sound – Heaven

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