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Stress Awareness Month

Being A Young Licensed Professional Counselor

Eating Disorders

Grieving Celebrity Deaths

Social Media and Diet Culture

**this episode contains explicit language

Seasonal Depression

Interview With Robyn About Life With ADHD

**this episode contains explicit language

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The Struggle Before Getting To My New Major

**this episode contains explicit language

Reflecting On Simone Biles Pulling Out Of The Olympics For Mental Health

Love Wins

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This is so cool! No matter what our family or loved ones may go through, being supportive through ALL aspects of their lives is the best gift you can give them. #loveislove

Being a young adult female and its struggles

Our young adults, Ally, Olivia, and Eliza, came together to discuss their struggles as a female.

They share their experiences as woman, but also how their age is a factor in their struggles as well. They have many things in common and find it empowering to get honest and personal. Work, school, and home-life are all talked about, along with sexual harassment, relationships, and how they stand up for themselves! One thing they all have in common is feeling intimidated and discriminated against as a young woman.

Therefore, you can join in on the conversation – are you a young adult female that has experienced similar situations? Any different struggles? – we want to hear from you!