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New feature: Ugly Sweater Open House at the Family Wellness Center

CTSTRONG hosted an amazing ugly sweater (or festive sock) party open house at the Family & Wellness Center in Middletown this past week. TurningPointCT had the pleasure of joining families and young adults in celebrating the holiday, sharing community resources and connecting with one another. Check out the feature on our page and be on the look out for more updates on events: https://turningpointct.org/resources/featured-events/

CT STRONG Young Adult Nights

CTSTRONG Young Adult Nights are here! In collaboration with Green Streets Art Center instructors & other local community instructors, CTSTRONG hosts workshops and activities @ the Family Wellness Center in Middletown, CT.

Come on out on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3-8pm, for some fun. There is something for everyone, including tutoring, relaxation, music, gaming, art, movies, creative writing, as well as movement activities and more.. Also, come out and connect with other young adults!

Monday Night Workshops- Songwriting
Wednesday Night Workshops- Creative Community Movement

For more information and to get in on the action, please contact Kai Belton at (860) 347-6971 extension 3920.

We cannot wait to seeee you!


This is Your Democracy!

Its been a very long 24 hours and today is a very sad day but regardless, we are still alive. I’m getting up today and I am getting out to work as hard as I have been doing over the last couple of weeks and months. If you voted, great, if you didn’t this is the time to get together and make something out of the next four years. This is your country. Democracy is still alive and well. If Trump can do it, you can do it!

I choose to call this country my home and I will fight to make it my home though I don’t know what the next few months will bring. When I started my asylum case I had moved to a country that was lead by the first black president; gay marriage was legal in more than half the states in the United States, and America was entering a new era of human rights. Only, one year in and that is on the verge of a complete transformation, I now have to make my case in a country that is controlled by a complete conservative government, by means of the executive and legislative power. Much of what I believe in could be reversed.

The fear is lingering, the headache is starting and while I believe that through support and through the efforts of strong willed people, who will do everything to protect our human rights, whether as immigrants, people of color or LGBT individuals, I believe that every single one of us who believe in morals and good values have to start working together. There is hardly any room for pointing fingers.

Come the new year, many of us will have to fight for our freedom and the very least of our human rights. Many of us will be fighting to live in a country free of hate crimes and bashing. Many of us will be fighting not to return to countries where our lives are at stake. And many of us will be fighting for jobs and a roof over our heads.

Maybe we will be more grateful for what Obama was able to achieve in the last four years. I believe he will continue to fight for us. I believe that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and all the people we wished could be the next president, will continue to fight for us. I don’t believe that these good women and men will let the grace of America fade. Likewise, you and I. Lets make the next four years matter for everyone! For immigrants, gays, lesbians, single black parents and everyone who deserves a better future.