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Getting Started, Part 2: Tips on First Therapy Session

In this animation, our website, TurningPointCT.org explains how to set up and attend your first therapy session. Furthermore, we talk about what you should bring to your therapy session. You can visit this website here for more information on your first therapy session and how to get the most out of it. Remember to be open and completely honest so your doctor can do the best with what they are given.

Certainly’ Misogyny

Listening to Hillary Clinton speak yesterday was just awesome and inspiring. If she decides to run for president again, I am with her 100%.
The problem is not Hillary. She was called a weak candidate… as if that is anything new to call a woman.
When she spoke I heard someone with charisma, intelligence, experience and plans.
But America has a big problem with gender.

The fact that sexism is openly embraced by deeply rooted conservative culture doesn’t leave it at that. Liberals and moderates… we are sexist too.

When she left the state department, she had a high 65% approval rating.

“Public opinion changed, when I declared my interest in running for the highest office in the land,” Clinton.

I have always thought that there were three types of people. Those for whom sexism is a way of life – e.g. traditionalist. The activist who label themselves: Ecofeminist, Marxist or socialist feminist, radical feminist or liberal feminist, you name it. And then there are those who think that sexism doesn’t exist or they just don’t think.

I like to call myself a feminist within the perimeters that I understand, accept and honor equality regardless of gender or ‘gender identity’.

Sexism doesn’t only exist in the situation where a woman is denied a job or a promotion but also when we consciously or unconsciously condone double standards. It’s thinking gender when a woman runs for office or when a woman has ambition.

So many times I see women get blamed while men get a free pass. Why is it so damn difficult to honor women who are ambitious or aspirational?

And it’s easy to believe that only men are sexist so ole’ George tills the soil and his wife stays home. This is our culture and this becomes our politics.

Ever so often we hear about a woman who solicits funds to fund research and helps families in Africa. And she is called corrupt. A man solicits funds for himself and he becomes president.

We also keep hearing about the woman who was cheated on by her husband. And she is called evil. A man cheats, remarries, divorces, remarries, divorces, remarries but he becomes president.

A woman makes speeches. Earns from making the said speeches. She is called corrupt. A man plays gold and makes deals with the same people with whom the woman made speeches; he refuses to release his tax returns and to pay his taxes but he becomes president.

Why I am a Feminist!

This former NFL player believes that sexism is the root cause of homophobia. Wade Davis is the executive Director of You Can Play (an organization that promotes equality in sports) and an ambassador for HeForShe.

Wade Davis came out as gay in 2012, several years after he retired from professional sports, in 2003.

Recently Davis touched on a topic that I have always been passionate about – the idea that sexism plays a role in the cultural and social perception of sexuality.

According to Davis, men do not hold each other accountable for their actions; we were conditioned to believe that there is a lesser gender class and as men, we were taught to believe that listening to women makes us inferior.

Like Davis, I strongly believe in gender equality; I strongly oppose to gender roles and stereotypes and I believe that once we begin to treat each other equally, regardless of gender, we will abandon the archaic ideology that gender and sexuality are binary and anything in between is a travesty.

We live in a very hyper-masculine society and the subject of gender and sexuality is often scorned; in some cases we either deny that there is a sexism issue or we condemn any anti-conservative/patriarchal view of the family.

Why am I a feminist?

For a start, I believe that we are all equal, there is no inferior or superior gender and we are therefore all entitled to social, political and economic equality.
In addition, I believe that gender-socialization is a code word for discrimination by gender and sexuality.

Once we begin to view each other differently, we create a divide and that ‘divide’ is used to subjugate certain groups of people that extensively ranks us by facets such as gender and sexuality.

Sexism is a menace to our humanity! Feminism is not about any one gender; and its not just about two genders, it is about all us being equals, wherever along the gender spectrum we belong.