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Being a young adult female and its struggles

Our young adults, Ally, Olivia, and Eliza, came together to discuss their struggles as a female.

They share their experiences as woman, but also how their age is a factor in their struggles as well. They have many things in common and find it empowering to get honest and personal. Work, school, and home-life are all talked about, along with sexual harassment, relationships, and how they stand up for themselves! One thing they all have in common is feeling intimidated and discriminated against as a young woman.

Therefore, you can join in on the conversation – are you a young adult female that has experienced similar situations? Any different struggles? – we want to hear from you!



K.W. defeats her Monsters

Kim created two monsters to represent her self-injurious behaviors and her Borderline Personality Disorder. The clock’s hours represent a new struggle and feeling she experiences. Living with this mental illness, she explains how she can feel one way one minute and switch the next.
The tornado of red represents her negative coping skill of cutting and in the whirlwind, there are many objects she used to hurt herself.
These monsters may be a part of Kim’s story, but it doesn’t take away how strong she is as she defeats the monster daily.

Artist: Kim

An Evening with Kevin Breel

Join us for an Evening with Kevin Breel on Monday, September 19th at 7:00pm.
This is a great opportunity to hear Kevin speak out about mental health.
He will speak about his own experience with mental illness and recovery.

Sudler Hall
100 Wall Street, New Haven, CT