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Norwalk SMART Teen Group!

We have launched a SMART Recovery Teen Group in Norwalk, CT!

Run by Blogger Eliza, find ways to live a balanced lifestyle with teens your age, all over pizza!

Every Thursday from 5:30-7 at Norwalk Public Library 1 Belden Ave, Norwalk.

Join the convo & read more about it here

Not in the Norwalk, CT area? Find a group near you


The Job Corps is offering a free career day expo and training in Stamford, Connecticut on August 17, 2017.


This is an opportunity to learn more about the Job Corps Expo and its affiliates. You also learn how to speak with counselors for career advice.

This or That?

There are many things that can be quite similar to others, but many of us still have a preference over which one we would choose, hands down. Here’s a list of some of those things. Which of the two would you choose? Is there a specific reason for your preference for any of these? I’ll go first 🙂

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Pepsi or Coke?
Rain or Snow?
Movies or Video Games?
Reading or Writing or Drawing?
Winter or Summer?
Nights or Mornings?
Pencils or Pens?
Beaches/Lakes or Pools?
Dogs or Cats?
Loud radios or Earbuds?
Traveling by bus or plane or train?
Doing dishes or Mopping and Sweeping?
Home cooked meals or Eating out?

For me, my choices would be:

Vanilla, Pepsi, snow, movies, writing, summer, nights, pens, pools, dogs, loud radios, traveling by train, doing dishes, and eating out.

What about you?