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Quote of the day

Isn’t this the truth?! When I finally started to love who I am, I felt bad for those who could not simply be happy for me or with me. Hate is such a useless emotion or trait to have in my opinion. I think we should be lifting each other more, rather than putting others down.

<3 Torry

Music That Heals

I’ve always been interested in music that sets me apart from everybody else. I do like the mainstream stuff but like Sara mentioned on my previous post, shadow music (the less popular stuff) can also be really good.

I’m not sure if a lot of people are familiar with James Blunt but I have been listening to his music since ninth grade and to this day, whenever I am feeling down or I begin to feed into negative thoughts I usually find his music to be therapeutic and uplifting.

Whenever I tell people that I listen to his music they would typically draw back and express some sort of astonishment… like ‘who listens to James Blunt’.
I remember one encounter where a guy looked at me and said, “You mean James Blunt, the ‘You are Beautiful’ guy, from so many years ago?”

I had a good laugh. I think his music is great but it also surprises me that people would think that I am a little weird because I listen to his music.

Nonetheless, I really don’t understand some of the lyrics of his songs but there is something about his voice and music that is just heavenly, with a sense of revelation and truth. He is always reminiscing about his past, asking for peace, expressing regret and exuding hope in his songs.
I also find his music very poetic and creative… I share some of the lyrics from his songs:

‘You’re getting older
Your journey’s been etched
On your skin’

Here We Go Again
‘You can judge me
If you know me so well
I can’t change my spots…
They will commit me
To a lifetime in Hell’

“Beautiful dawn, light up the shore
For me.
There is nothing else in the
World I’d rather wake up and see’

He is obviously a genius… would like to learn about any music or musician whose music has a lifelong meaning to you. Feel free to share.