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What keeps you going?

Over time, I have definitely gotten better at being able to keep myself motivated to do better and stay on track in my recovery. Despite feeling horrible and dealing with a lot of intense emotions, even all at once, I have learned to focus on a couple of things that help keep me going, my motivations. Through these things, I have been able to eliminate my self-harm and suicide attempts, as well as remain a dependable, responsible, and reliable employee because I am no longer having crises.

The number one things that have helped keep me grounded within the past two years have been my boyfriend, my step-son, and our future goals. I know and I understand that if I am not okay, I cannot help provide the best life for our son. If I am not okay, I cannot help my boyfriend reach his goals. If I am not okay, I cannot reach my own goals, and even if I do, it will alter the path in some way, shape or form. Being able to take a step back and analyze the bigger picture of my life and have something to live for has helped me so much, even if sometimes I feel so lost.

My question to all of you is, no matter how hard life gets, no matter what crazy and difficult things may go on around you, what helps you not throw in the towel either?

Nothing is Impossible!

Check out this awesome Video:


Congratulations to this hardworking young man as he gets accepted into his dream college. Remember that with hard work, dedication and perseverance nothing is impossible!

Never Give Up!

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Just like Jim Carrey, it’s not about where you start, it’s about how much you are willing to fight in order to be successful.

Pushing through No matter what!

Check out this amazing video:


What a truly inspirational young lady!!! Sometimes things in life happen, such as an unexpected pregnancy. Nevertheless, just like this young lady has demonstrated, this does not mean we have to give up. Make a choice to keep fighting for what you want, even if you have to fight a little harder.

Pushing through the Struggles

Check out this rare footage of me trying to handle everything in my life lol:


Sometimes, this is exactly what being a young adult feels like. You can’t seem to get out of one situation before you nose dive into the chaos of another. Nevertheless, continuing to move forward despite the struggles and situations that present themselves is where true inner strength is developed. ? ☺️

Recovery is Possible!

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“I swear to God I am not my story.” Many of us have struggled immensely throughout our lifetimes, just as this famous actor did. His story shows us, however, that we must not remain stuck in the mud, but rather make a choice to become better than the difficult hand life has dealt us. Recovery from ANYTHING is possible. I AM LIVING PROOF! 🙂

Keep Moving Forward!

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”- Martin Luther King Jr.
The best has not already passed, but rather hasn’t happened yet! Never stop, never settle, ALWAYS keep going for the gold.