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How to Properly Kick Ass

I can totally relate to this quote, because often times I have found myself wanting to accomplish so many things yet I sit there wondering why I can’t get ANYTHING done. When reflecting back on why I think that was, I can only think of one common factor when this has occurred each time- I had been limiting my own success and achievements. At the end of the day, we are the only ones who are in charge of how far we will go and how hard we will work, but in order to first start the process of seriously kicking ass in life, we must commit to lifting our foot and putting in the proper work! It isn’t easy, and some days will be better than others. With that being said, there will be days that you will want to quit, or may feel like the entire world is against you. What I have learned through my journey is that we don’t ever have to quit, as much as our minds want us to, this is never the answer. We can feel better if we slow our pace, deciding to take things a little slower. Whether it be taking less classes during a semester at school, handling less sports at a time, or anything that you can find relevant to your personal situation, the point is that you can still move forward even if you are moving at a slower pace. Choose to begin the process of lifting your foot today and fight to kick some life ass! 🙂

Goals for the school year

So, most people are going to be starting school THIS week!!
Still, we know Summer won’t really end right away either- with Labor Day and warm nights still to look forward to- it also may be nice to look forward to a routine again, or maybe not.
The beginning of a new school year is kind of like New Years- we all have goals, hopes, and plans- maybe to study more, be happier, or stress less.

What are your goals for this school year?

I’d like to manage my time well, keep ahead of my anxiety and manage it well, practice self care, keep a good perspective- this is not the end of the world, the way I do does not define me, nothing is “un-do-able”. And of course, I’d like to do well in my classes. (Abnormal psychology and mindfulness in literature)

Let’s talk about our goals!!

What’s your dream job?

What is your dream job? Remember in elementary school when someone asked what you wanted to be and nothing held you back? Lawyer, astronaut, president, doctor, princess, firefighter; anything seemed possible at that time in our lives.
All throughout middle school and the beginning of high school, I used to dream about being a pediatric oncologist. Then, I slowly but surely stopped believing in myself. I convinced myself that that was not possible. I told myself I wasn’t smart enough, didn’t have enough time or money for school, wasn’t good at school, etc.
So, what is you REAL dream job? Is it still your goal? If not, why?
What’s holding you back from reaching your dreams?

Slowly but Surely Making This a New Year

Should I really be feeling left behind, now that we have entered a New Year but I’ve hardly been able to spare any time to recognize it? I worked New Years Eve, New Years Day and the day after.

The closest I’ve gotten to really thinking about the fact that its 2017 and its a New Year is me just sitting here on a boring day wondering what this year will bring.

Not that I have made any resolutions but I def want to get a few things done:
-A new gym membership – doesn’t have to be this month, could be by the end of the year but I really want to get back to serious workouts.

-A New Apartment – again, to be realistic, by the end of the year.

-And I want to crown the end of this semester with the best grades that I can possible achieve.

-And most importantly, I want to get my asylum over with. Enough of this anxiety that I experience whenever I think about it.

Still, regardless of how I am feeling emotionally, politically and economically, I am optimistic. I am looking forward to good things this year. I had a good Christmas and a great year end – cant complain. And now I am getting reading to go back to school and get even more productive. Its business as usual.


Vision – I tried to capture an expression of wonder, fear, and mystery in this portrait. I really connected with this piece, and it remains one of my favorites.


Tough Decisions! Major Setbacks!

Experiences in life can be as dramatic as losing a dream job, not getting your first-choice for college…
As traumatic as a healthcare scare, a near death situation, losing a love one, a family breakup or a relapse…

Or it could be both… the greatest life lessons come when you least expect them.
“Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.” Unknown.

There are those painful experiences that brings us to rethink every decision that we have ever made; doubt ourselves or think about giving up.
In an ironic way, they may encourage us to take some time to relax, reevaluate and keep on moving.
One of the most important lessons that I have learnt in life is to ‘always have a plan B’ or even a plan C if you have to.

It may seem redundant when everything is going in the right direction but life is sadly unpredictable.

Having a plan B implies that we set our goals and expectations not only where we ‘think’ we can reach them but also where we ‘know’ we can actually reach them.

It’s like having an escape plan from a dramatic/traumatic experience… think of it as,
we may never have to face those sleepless nights,
being frustrated,
isolating ourselves,
or harming ourselves.

It’s an opportunity to continue from where we left off.

I know that some of us may be in the process of making some very challenging decisions or setting some very important goals for the future… you may want to check out this article:
“Common Life Mistakes Young People Make: ‘There are many path to that mysterious Y… don’t assume that you know what they are” http://www.jamesaltucher.com/2015/06/common-life-mistakes-young-people-make/

Also, feel free to share other advice and thoughts; here are some inspiring thoughts from some young adults who may have had to make tough decisions themselves: