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My Personal Training Journey 2022

I started going to the gym in January of 2018.  Up until summer 2022, I went very infrequently.  There was a time where I didn’t go for almost 2 months.  When I did go, I didn’t exercise to my full potential.  Because of these things, I hardly saw any improvement in my body or my mind.

In summer 2022, I was at my heaviest weight due to not eating well, lack of frequent movement, and medication I was taking.  I didn’t like how I felt or looked, and wanted that to change.  So, I signed up for personal training once a week at my gym. I would go to exercise by myself during the other days of the week.

Remembering my first physical training session, I had to do 3 rounds of bar push ups, bar pull ups, squats, and a plank.  I don’t think I even made it halfway through the 2nd round before I became extremely nauseous and lightheaded.  The session ended there.

Over the course of the rest of 2022, my trainer, Sam, would have me do all sorts of exercises. Some of which included leg presses, lat pulldowns, a 10 minute warm up of either jogging on the treadmill or using the elliptical machine, and many more things.

personal training
My trainer, Sam, and I

Slowly, but surely, I was seeing improvement.  My weight was relatively still the same for a while due to one of the medications I was taking at the time. But, I recently switched to a different medication which causes little to no weight gain. So the personal training and slightly better eating habits have allowed me to start dropping some pounds again.

Regardless of the weight, I’ve noticed that I’ve become quite a bit stronger. My biceps and shoulders look a little bigger and more defined.  I also don’t struggle as much with some of the exercises like how I was in the beginning. Which lets me use heavier dumbbells and increase the weight on the machines I am using.  Another improvement I am surprised to have made is from the jogging warm up.  I’ve had more instances lately where it takes longer for me to become fatigued or out of breath while running, as well as not stopping to rest so often.

I am very thankful for my trainer, Sam, for being patient, encouraging, and helpful during this journey.  This is only the beginning, though.  I look forward to what the new year brings for my fitness and health journey.  I am going to continue with personal training, try to keep going at least 2 other days during the week to exercise by myself, and incorporate even better eating habits so that I can look and feel how I would like to look and feel.

– Therell