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Goals for the school year

So, most people are going to be starting school THIS week!!
Still, we know Summer won’t really end right away either- with Labor Day and warm nights still to look forward to- it also may be nice to look forward to a routine again, or maybe not.
The beginning of a new school year is kind of like New Years- we all have goals, hopes, and plans- maybe to study more, be happier, or stress less.

What are your goals for this school year?

I’d like to manage my time well, keep ahead of my anxiety and manage it well, practice self care, keep a good perspective- this is not the end of the world, the way I do does not define me, nothing is “un-do-able”. And of course, I’d like to do well in my classes. (Abnormal psychology and mindfulness in literature)

Let’s talk about our goals!!

Plans for the Fall

August is almost over… HOW?!


It’s almost time to kiss Summer goodbye, and say hello to wonderful, amazing Fall!
I love the Summer, but I love the Fall so much.
Still, even though I love the Fall, and I’m no longer in High School, the end of Summer gives me a knot in my stomach… I get so nervous and anxious, no doubt because school was so anxiety provoking for me as a child and teenager, and Fall often meant depression, anxiety, hospitals… a lot of pain.
With time, my love for Fall is beginning to come back into the forefront when I realize Summer is nearly over- but I still cannot escape the dull lull of anxiety that sits within my and grows bigger as leaves begin to change and nights become long.
It’s also kind of sad!


So, how do you guys feel? Are you happy/sad/nervous/etc? What does Fall mean to you and what are your plans this Fall?
If you struggle with this time of year, what specifically do you struggle with? What makes it better?

We are here for you all during this seasonal transition and transition back to school!

Newport Academy Adventure Camp

Newport Academy is having a experiential therapy summer camp for teens!

This is the part of the Summer that can start to drag a little, when the lack of structure gets “boring” and perhaps can lead to slips in recovery.

Well the good news is that there are two summer camp sessions for teens to engage in therapeutic and recreational activities for 2 weeks!

Activities such as paddle-boarding, hiking, volunteering, and more will make up your days if you are interested!

If you would like a safe haven for the remainder of your summer, then contact Newport Academy
Or you can register with Robin Seymour at 203-644-4605.

The camp runs Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am- 3:00 pm
The first session is from July 23- August 2. The second session is from August 13-23

This is a great way to have a safe, fun, and structured remainder of your Summer!

2017 Summer Fest

Hey guys!

I noticed that the YAZBIZ 2017 Summer Fest is this Friday! I won’t be able to join in on the fun because I’ll be attending the 2017 Alternatives Conference in Boston, MA, which I’ll be sure to tell you guys all about that.

For now, I would love to know if any of you are going? If you are, please take some pictures for me and send them over!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time!


Life Update

i am so sorry that i haven’t posted in a while. life just got really busy and stressful. since my fish died i got another and it died in 2 days because it was sick when i bought it which just hurt me even more. while all of that was going on i was still trying to find a job but i just didnt want to get out of bed. but now i have a new pet named Fish, he is a hamster. he is great, i think i really needed a pet i could play with and have fun with because since i got him ive been alot better. i found a summer job at a restaurant and im doing okay. i just really dont enjoy summer. i dont like being home. being home just reminds me of all the bad things that happened when i was in high school and i just feel the negative energy.
anyone who goes to college is finally feels better but everything goes backwards when you get home tell me what you do to feel better… i painted my room i got a pet i tried everything… i just dont know what to do. i do what i have to and then i just stay in my room. i hate going outside in my town. i miss the ocean and the water and i need to go back to school and be able to walk to the water. everyone has their safe place, and mine is the water. and so going to the beach in ct really doesnt cut it when i spend my school year in RI on the water. nothing will ever compare to what i see when at school. so i go to work and then i go home and sleep most of the time. i dont do much else unless im with my boyfriend, he gets me out of the house and now we are playing pokemon go. anyone with depression… this is a great game. it makes me want to go outside because i can find things and it makes me feel good when i find things and see all different people doing this it is great. so anyone with depression try getting the app you can start by going around your neighborhood and working your way from there it is great when it comes to having a hard day.
last thing i wanted to talk about was a mental health training i did yesterday and will be doing again next tuesday. it is just to help people in a mental health crisis until a doctor or a specialist can get to them. i went because first i want to be able to help others because i know i know a lot about mental illness but i never know if what i am saying to help the person is right because although i might feel better if someone said it they might not. and second, i am going to see if i can learn anything helpful for me. i struggle in helping myself. i always need someone to help me. i am always the person calling a friend because i can not do things on my own and it really bothers me that i have to do that so i thought going to this training will help me help myself but also other people. being able to share my story with these people i think may have helped them understand how much of an impact they are making if they do help people with mental illness. i didnt really have anyone when i was young ask me if i was okay or needed help because it was looked at very negativity i think now people are starting to understand that we just need help and support and we can live pretty normal lives. but without help and support i know first hand that mental illnesses just get worse and worse.
again i am so sorry i havent been around in awhile i havent been in the best place. knowing i have to support of all of you helps me alot. thank you all so much!!!

Summer Officially Begins

“Flip Flops outside”
“Late Nights and Sleeping In”
‘Write your name in the sand”
“Lazy days”
‘Play Music”
“camping and bonfires’
“relax, Eat, Play”

Hey y’all,

Next week will mark the official beginning of summer. Its practically the time for outdoors: beach, biking, hiking, traveling, and so forth.

Its probably the best time of the year: a long break from school, work (or maybe not)… what are you up to this summer? What are some of your plans?