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New April Feature: Panic Room Norwalk

Hi everyone! We have a new April Feature up!

On Saturday April 6th Eliza, Ally, and 10 teens from Norwalk and Fairfield completed an escape room at The Panic Room in Norwalk! It was really fun, and we finished with a few minutes to spare!! Stay tuned to see what next months free wellness activity for SMART Teen Norwalk will be!!

Until then, check out our feature here! 

What is your favorite Spring/Summertime Activity?

With the weather finally warming up, there are lots of things we can do! With that being said, what are some of your favorite things to do now that the weather is nicer?

For me, I love going swimming and going to watch the Yankees play at Yankee stadium. I prefer to swim in pools instead of at the beach, and when I go to Yankee Stadium I know I will always have a great time whether the team wins or loses.

What about you???

Podcast: How to Survive Freshman Year of High School


TurningPointCT.org blogger’s Olivia and Ally sat with Norwalk High School teens to talk about their experiences being a freshman. Listen to Ben, Emma, Nia, AJ, and Caesar share their fears, challenges, successes, and advice to incoming freshman & current students.

They want TurningPointCT.org listeners to know how to survive your freshman year and ways that teachers can help with giving their students’ an awesome high school experience.

We asked them & now we ask you:

What was the transition to high school like for you?

What kind of challenges did you have and still have?

What do you think should teachers should know?


Keep the conversation going here: https://turningpointct.org/lets-talk/topic/freshmanyear/


Listen to the podcast here:

HELP-How to Deal with Mood Swings?

Lately I have been having the worst mood swings EVER. Throughout the course of one conversation with only one person, I can go from being angry and yelling, to laughing and making jokes, to crying. I may or may not know what the cause of the mood swings are, but I kind of refuse to believe that a medication change can have that much control over my being. Nevertheless, I do want to know if any of you have ever had issues with these, and what has helped, because I don’t want to drive the people closest to me crazy. Thanks in advance! 🙂