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FAB Vlog from Brien McMahon High School

Watch vloggers Fatima, Ashley, and Bryanna (FAB), who are students at Brien McMahon High School. Fatima and Bryanna are at The Chill Out Lounge, TurningPointCT.org’s activity room at Norwalk High School’s Week of Wellness. We had stations of different sensory items and activities to “chill out”! Enjoy!

And, thank you Fatima and Bryanna for sharing your vlog with us! Welcome to TurningPointCT.org!

If you want to talk to them, leave feedback, or start a conversation here is their forum post! 

3 Years Time…


3 years ago this past week, I experienced one of the hardest things in my life. I was involved in a violent family situation that I would never wish upon anyone, a situation that until this day has impacted me. I can remember that day like it was yesterday, the ambulance being outside, and me walking in on a bloody crime scene to discover the almost lifeless body of a loved one, not knowing all the lies, deceit and pain that would come after that fateful day.

3 years ago this past week, my brother stabbed my aunt. There were reasons behind it, there were things that shouldn’t have been done, there were things that shouldn’t have happened, there were ways this could’ve been prevented. I still struggle with the aftermath of this event as well as others but I feel as though this one gets me more often then others because within my heart and soul I knew something bad was going to happen. I knew things were simply getting out of control, and there wasn’t anything really anyone could do about it. I remember that about a week before this whole thing happened, I walked into the police department and pleaded with the officers to help me, because I knew what my brother was like and I knew that his drinking was already getting out of hand and that things were only getting worse. Nothing happened.

Nevertheless, I don’t think I really blame anyone but the 2 people involved, my aunt and my brother. I feel as though it’s something I am never going to be able to forget about because it’s been 3 years and I still have nightmares, can still smell the scene, can still feel like I’m physically there, walking in, witnessing everything, being scared that he might come after me and my dad next because he was on the run for a few days afterwards. The intense fear that was within my being was overwhelming, but I am glad I was able to make it through.

3 years later, although I still struggle every time this date comes around, I find I am getting to be a stronger person as each year rolls by. I know how to tolerate these feelings. I know I will struggle. I know I will be overwhelmingly sad, I will cry, I will feel very intense emotions and not know what to do with myself. Nevertheless, on days like this, I will still show up and do what I need to get done because I didn’t give up 3 years ago and I won’t do so now either.

Podcast: How to Survive Freshman Year of High School


TurningPointCT.org blogger’s Olivia and Ally sat with Norwalk High School teens to talk about their experiences being a freshman. Listen to Ben, Emma, Nia, AJ, and Caesar share their fears, challenges, successes, and advice to incoming freshman & current students.

They want TurningPointCT.org listeners to know how to survive your freshman year and ways that teachers can help with giving their students’ an awesome high school experience.

We asked them & now we ask you:

What was the transition to high school like for you?

What kind of challenges did you have and still have?

What do you think should teachers should know?


Keep the conversation going here: https://turningpointct.org/lets-talk/topic/freshmanyear/


Listen to the podcast here: