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Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Every July, National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is recognized to raise more awareness to the hardships that racial minority groups go through in the United States.  Getting help for their mental health has become even harder for minority groups because of the Coronavirus.

As someone who is considered a minority, I feel that our mental struggles need more attention.  While I am both white and black, most people perceive me as black.  I have been discriminated against due to the color of my skin, and it does have an effect on my mental health.  It makes me feel as though something is wrong with me, like I am a threat when I try so hard to come across as welcoming.  It is a constant additional stress that I have to live with.

I hope we can all come together and really focus on bettering the mental health of minority groups.  For more information, visit https://www.cdc.gov/healthequity/features/minority-mental-health/index.html.

Minority Mental Health Month


It’s often difficult to see past our current hardships and look on the bright side of things. Nevertheless, when we allow ourselves to do so, we open our worlds up to a complete new realm of possibilities and blessings, for we are now appreciating everything for what it truly is. After all, how can we ever be given anything greater when we don’t even appreciate the simplest of treasures in life?