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New feature: Ugly Sweater Open House at the Family Wellness Center

CTSTRONG hosted an amazing ugly sweater (or festive sock) party open house at the Family & Wellness Center in Middletown this past week. TurningPointCT had the pleasure of joining families and young adults in celebrating the holiday, sharing community resources and connecting with one another. Check out the feature on our page and be on the look out for more updates on events: https://turningpointct.org/resources/featured-events/

CT STRONG Young Adult Nights

CTSTRONG Young Adult Nights are here! In collaboration with Green Streets Art Center instructors & other local community instructors, CTSTRONG hosts workshops and activities @ the Family Wellness Center in Middletown, CT.

Come on out on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3-8pm, for some fun. There is something for everyone, including tutoring, relaxation, music, gaming, art, movies, creative writing, as well as movement activities and more.. Also, come out and connect with other young adults!

Monday Night Workshops- Songwriting
Wednesday Night Workshops- Creative Community Movement

For more information and to get in on the action, please contact Kai Belton at (860) 347-6971 extension 3920.

We cannot wait to seeee you!


Finding Light in the Darkness

Are you a person who connects more with the light or the darkness?
Depending on my mood, sometimes it’s hard for me to see the light, but after reading this beautiful article, I have seen a different perspective on how they balance each other out quite well.
When I think of darkness, I instantly choose the words “sad, lonely, doldrums, etc.,” which are all depressing words! In contrast, when I think of light, I choose the words “happy, faith, hope, etc.” Choosing between the two, I would think most people would (hopefully) go for the light, but for me, I am grateful for the darkness because if I hadn’t gone through the darkness, I would not have known how rewarding it is to capture the light.

In this article, Dr. Diana Raab shares her story and I want to share how she found light in the darkness.

“In addition, it’s important to be mindful of the signals that life offers you. Be confident in your ability to balance the light and the dark, and know that the darkness does not have to overpower everything in your life.”
Moon and tree

Finding Light in the Darkness