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What are you proud of from 2018?

Hey guys! It’s 2019!
Pretty cool, kinda.

Some people seem to really care about New Years, it signifies a time to reflect and commit to change. Other people think it’s BS. And some don’t really care too much!

However you feel about New Years, it’s always good to reflect on time that’s passed and recognize strides that you have made.
My favorite quote when I was in the midst of a lot of struggles was,

“I may not be where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be”

We don’t have to leap from ditches to mountain tops to recognize our power and strength. And sometimes it’s not even steps that deserve recognition, sometimes it’s staying right where you are, because it can be really hard to not fall backward, and good enough is good enough.

This New Years Eve, I laid in bed next to Willow while she slept and realized the changes that occurred over the past year. I thought about the pain, fear, and excitement I felt, and how hopeless I was at times. I realized how far I have come by looking back for a few moments. And it felt good, and it made me feel proud of myself. And I didn’t feel bad saying that.

So, what are you guys proud of from 2018?

I’m proud of myself for starting school, taking the leap to “real” employment and beginning the process of getting off of disability and SSI, moving, admitting to myself and a few friends that I was depressed, sticking with my path even when it was scary and painful and uncertain, trying every day to be a good mom, working hard, getting certified as a SMART recovery facilitator, Recovery Coach, and a Recovery Support Specialist, starting the path to getting my licence, and beginning to throw away things that I don’t need.

Let’s congratulate each other on our success in being here, even when it’s really hard work.

What are you proud of yourself for today?

What are you proud of yourself for today?

Its so easy to go to bed every night thinking of what you did wrong, or what you wish you did better or different. Things you wished never happened. I think we’ve all been there. Up for hours thinking and thinking. Guilty, angry, depressed, anxious. Sometimes these feelings help us make change. But a lot of the time they just hurt us.

So, what are you proud of yourself for today?

Today I’m proud of myself for being a mom. I might feel guilty a lot about being a mom… working, losing my temper, not taking advantage of every moment the way I feel like I should. But I know that I’m a good mom. I know my daughter loves me, and that I love her. Being a mom is scary and hard and exhausting and it never ends. And every day I wake up and do the best I can. I don’t act selfishly just because it’s easier. I don’t run away from my responsibilities. I try to do better all the time and I will never leave her side. So I’m proud of myself for that. I proud of myself for stepping up, being selfless, and pushing aside my wants for her sake.

Pride Month!

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!!!!!! this month is all about accepting people for who they are and spreading the love. Demonstrate your love for humanity this month. Reach out and represent your pride for yourself and your community!!!! Is anyone attending the pride parade or any pride celebration? Share your pride month stories below!!!! Be kind and spread the love!!! Love is love!

"On Point For Pride"

So it’s officially Pride Month and I don’t think that I have made an official post about the start of another month of celebrating the diversity and inclusion that is the foundation of Pride. For sure, this has been a very busy month. With my Spanish class, getting ready for another school year and working on my housing situation, it has been a slow start for me into the celebrations. But I am definitely happy that if there is no other time throughout the year to feel special about who you are, Pride Month gives everyone every reason to and that is something I hope will one day, not only be something to celebrate in our park and on our streets but also throughout every aspect of our lives.

Waking up these days and knowing there is so much to look forward to throughout the month is encouraging. Pride is more than just community, it is about family. And that’s why every year, pride events mean so much to so many people. Local community centers come alive around this time of the year and of course, if you are in Fairfield County and feel that you need somewhere to be this Saturday, Pride in the Park, Norwalk makes a great date.

Triangle Community Center’s annual Pride in the Park is is the core of Fairfield County’s Pride events. It’s the center’s largest fundraising event and it brings together people from in and out of Fairfield County. Some of your favorite LGBT performers and drag queens may show up as well. The list of performers this year includes Trixie Mattel from RuPaul’s Drag Race, comedian Julie Goldman, and musician Crystal Waters. And these are all free live shows.

To find out more about other events throughout the state (maybe in your town), Triangle also recently released it’s Pride Guide, you should check it out. Find something near you and support and share with the community. I included the link here: http://www.ctpridecenter.org/2017_pride_guide

On another note, hard work does pay off. I could call this my pride gift… I have received a scholarship through the Point Foundation. A bit thrilling, considering that I almost gave up on believing that I would ever be considered. But yes! I did it!

A little about the Point Foundation… this is the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization for LGBT youth. It has mostly assisted disadvantaged LGBT scholars to make a successful transition throughout college into their individual field of study.

I would encourage any LGBT youth to apply for a scholarship with this prestigious institution. This is the link if you would like to learn more: https://pointfoundation.org/thepoint/mission/.

I will share some more about this incredible experience, as well as Pride in the Park this weekend.

The Legalize Marijuana Podcast

Do YOU think marijuana should be legalized here in CT??

Keeping up with TurningPointCT.org is always an easy thing but to make it even easier, we’re bringing the conversation straight to you! Check out a few of our young adults as we sit down and discuss today’s hot topics in our new podcast series! Every month you can be sure to hear something new and interesting from a few people just like you and even from some special guest.

It’s not everyday that we get to chill and weigh on what’s going on in social media, our culture or around the state, so make sure to catch us!

Here’s our very first episode featuring Rai, Ally, Kevin, Sydney and Lauren talking about legalizing marijuana. And tell us what you think on our forum discussion here  !


There’s no wrong or right answer, all opinions are welcome. 🙂