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Island Boy Poetry: Poetry Heals!

Island Boy Poetry: These are some of my poems. I am finally getting back into the habit of writing but most importantly, poetry is my everything, including my motivation. While you read these poems, just imagine yourself as the writer.

Hope I could help someone get through today

Another Rave 

Vision me weeping in this world

That covets its own wealth

Where the meek reaps and sweats

And the fortunate sips and keeps.

And god is taught.

And I am torn of my dignity.


Here kindness witnesses a dying child

…Of hunger

…Of rejection

…Of slaughtered conscience

but refuses to acquiesce

And turn a blind eye,

But likewise almost dead.


Voices parade streets

With a shared language

That should champion hope.


Hasn’t the world had seen enough of corruption?



Has the world not yet come to learn history?

For some it’s a passion

For others its simply what is convenient

But to think of it…

Utter love and peace is still a vision.



I’ve been thinking

And I think back to that morning I woke in tears

With feelings of gloom and despair.

And I think back to my dream

And I think back to my feeling alone

And my fears

And why every minute of every day is too much

For my pounding heart

And this miserable headache.

And my body bleeds with memories

And flashbacks

And begs to know the future

And to forget this moment

That is but a bad dream.

But everything awakens me

From memories of failure

To feelings of helplessness.

And I feel a little weak

From all the madness in the world

Judgment and hate

And there “I overthink”…

And I become lost in misery and torment

And thoughts follow thoughts

But into another deep sleep

That halts the emotional trauma

And becomes the antidote for my depression.



Things that come up at work

Of course at any job or even when in school, meetings with your peers and staff are something that you just have to get use to. Being on time is vital and sometimes even contributing to the conversation is as well. In a few of the meetings that I have been a part of, the issues of public transportation keep arising. I’m not sure if young adults just don’t know how to configure the transpo system or if it’s really that damn unorganized, but something has got to give. I think it makes total sense to make use of the available transpo options that we have (train, bus, uber, cab, etc) but if one cannot even figure out how to use any of them, then it’s not being the best at what it’s suppose to do. I think it’s becoming extremely important for staff members, who haven’t taken a bus or train ride before (or have not taken one in quite sometime) that work with people who use the system to actually try it for themselves. It just makes more sense to me to be able to explain and direct someone on how to do something if I’ve already done it… you know, speak from relevant experience. It’s way more encouraging. The bus is hella confusing– standing at specific stops, knowing the routes, jumping on and off different buses at different stops or at the station, inserting exact bus fare, using the bus transfers, etc… it goes on and on.

Sure there’s different apps and resources online (even at the bus terminals) to help you figure things out, but there’s nothing like someone you know and trust, walking you through things.

If you have some questions, reach out to a friend… you can even ask me right here on this forum. Check out for travel options, tips and guides to public transportation. The help is out there, but do not be afraid to ask someone a question, there’s no such thing as a dumb question.