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21 day anxiety challenge


Check out this 21 day anxiety challenge from popsugar! What better time to practice new ways to cope? With school starting, lets commit to our self care! Whos going to take the challenge with me?

Goals for the school year

So, most people are going to be starting school THIS week!!
Still, we know Summer won’t really end right away either- with Labor Day and warm nights still to look forward to- it also may be nice to look forward to a routine again, or maybe not.
The beginning of a new school year is kind of like New Years- we all have goals, hopes, and plans- maybe to study more, be happier, or stress less.

What are your goals for this school year?

I’d like to manage my time well, keep ahead of my anxiety and manage it well, practice self care, keep a good perspective- this is not the end of the world, the way I do does not define me, nothing is “un-do-able”. And of course, I’d like to do well in my classes. (Abnormal psychology and mindfulness in literature)

Let’s talk about our goals!!

Plans for the Fall

August is almost over… HOW?!


It’s almost time to kiss Summer goodbye, and say hello to wonderful, amazing Fall!
I love the Summer, but I love the Fall so much.
Still, even though I love the Fall, and I’m no longer in High School, the end of Summer gives me a knot in my stomach… I get so nervous and anxious, no doubt because school was so anxiety provoking for me as a child and teenager, and Fall often meant depression, anxiety, hospitals… a lot of pain.
With time, my love for Fall is beginning to come back into the forefront when I realize Summer is nearly over- but I still cannot escape the dull lull of anxiety that sits within my and grows bigger as leaves begin to change and nights become long.
It’s also kind of sad!


So, how do you guys feel? Are you happy/sad/nervous/etc? What does Fall mean to you and what are your plans this Fall?
If you struggle with this time of year, what specifically do you struggle with? What makes it better?

We are here for you all during this seasonal transition and transition back to school!

How’s School Going?

I have officially made it through the first two weeks of school! Wooo Hoo!!! I found my classes to be pretty interesting, and I am grateful to have wonderful teachers with cool teaching styles. I love that in all my classes, much of the time the professors use things like videos, interactive discussions, and reading materials to help get the lesson across. The combination of using different media and styles of teaching has definitely helped the information stick so far. The only thing I found challenging was finding a way to keep my parking pass in a place I couldn’t misplace it, and on the first day of school, I actually managed to lose it entirely from the time I backed out of my parking spot on the 6th floor until the time I reached the cashier on the first floor! 🙁 Nevertheless, I have now purchased a new parking pass, I seem to vibe well with my classmates, and my experience has been a great one so far. I am taking Sociology, Psychology, and English Composition this semester. How have your experiences in college been so far guys? What classes are you taking this semester? Has it been easy for you to adapt to being in school after an entire summer off? Please share your insight! 🙂

Prepping for back to school

I’m SO excited to be going back to college!

But since it’s been 7 years.. I was hoping you guys could help..

I love school supply shopping (basically anything with a cat on it, I’ll buy it and find a use for it), but I remember when I was in college seven years ago, I ended up purchasing a bunch of supplies that I ended up not needing, especially because SO much is online now-a-days.

So I’m wondering, what are the essentials that I could get, besides a notebook and a pen? I have my laptop which will be a huge help, but I’m also the type of person that loves writing things down. Should I wait until classes start to feel out what I should get, then do my shopping? Maybe it’s my eagerness and love for shopping that’s causing me to be impatient lol

What are YOU doing to prep for the back to school season?

I know I’m not the only one shopping for clothes too! (I also am focusing more on bags and accessories lol)

We need to have "The Talk"

Many of you are probably rolling your eyes when you read “the talk” because that phrase automatically connects to sex.

When I mean “the talk” I’m actually referring to mental health supports for college students. Have parents discussed what counselors they should contact on campus or the agreement that if going to school is too overwhelming that adjustments can be made?
Even the most prepared kids academically are unaware of the stress that can occur when they take off for college.

Have guidance staff discussed this information to seniors while they are preparing applications for school, reviewing SAT scores, and scholarships?
Maybe it’s time to get everyone on board to have “The Talk” so everyone is aware of the help they can get.

What are/were your plans for transitioning into college? Did anyone talk about MH services or what happens if you need to come home?

Release the Stress and Just Dance

For those of you heading back to school…whether it’s college or high school, we can get caught up with the anxiety of the new classes. Sometimes we magnify the situation and instantly start to question if our teachers like us, if we will pass this test, if we will be social butterflies, etc.

Sometimes when I get myself caught up in these thoughts, I force myself to stop doing my studying/work and put on a great song and dance. It’s a three minute break to be silly and relax. It helps me put in perspective that I will be okay and I can’t let the stress and anxiety take over my school life.
So, I have included a great song with a powerful chorus. One of most favorite albums is called Strange Desire, by the band Bleachers.The lead singer and song writer is Jack Antonoff. Most people know him as lead guitarist in the band Fun. and Steel Train.
I chose this song from the album because it’s all about wanting to get better. “I didn’t know I was broken til’ I wanted to change. I wanna get better!”

Ironically, the lead singer Jack Antonoff deals with anxiety especially with a phobia to germs which affected his life physically as well as mentally. He started writing music for his new band secretly while his illness started taking over his life.
I think he’s a great artist and when I found out about him, I could hear his music intertwined in other artists’ music like Taylor Swift.
Jack Antonoff picture

Okay, so my point is, sometimes we need to take a moment and change our setting. Whether it’s going for a walk or dancing around to a great song, it is very important to take a moment for yourself.
What other ways do you destress? What would you recommend for someone to listen to for music?
I Wanna Get Better Music Video