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Help us end youth homelessness!!!

Hi everybody! The 2018 Youth Count started today! The Youth Count is a statewide effort to count all of the homeless and unstably housed young adults aged 13-25 in CT.

The Youth Count is conducted by volunteers throughout the state who go to hot-spots (places with high concentrations of young people- such as bus stops, train stations, corner stores, etc.) and other locations, community organizations, and a “come and be counted”.

The survey is quick, easy, and VERY important to help people understand the needs of young adults and homeless youth in our state. Our goal is to end youth homelessness by 2020, but we can’t do that without knowing the need! This information is used to propel our state towards that goal, get funding and to provide resources to those in need.

So from the 24th-30th volunteers will be out there looking for people to survey!!
If you would like to help, let me know, it’s not too late to volunteer and we NEED your help!!

Also, spread the word about the come and be counted event!! It is happening on the 30th statewide. Below are the flyers for the Fairfield County Come and Be Counted Events. If you would like the information about the ones in other parts of the state, let me know and I will find the information!
There will be pizza, goody bags, and resource guides to help you if you are in need of help!
Help spread the word!!!



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To help: Contact Eliza at emcnamara@healthymindsct.org

Choosing to Walk Away

It is an amazing feeling to come to the realization that some things are just not meant for us. Whether they are prohibiting us from moving forward and reaching our goals, or they hinder us from being our true selves, walking away from things that are not meant for us allows us to grow into the best us we can possibly be.

In my personal experiences, the number one thing I’ve had to walk away from after realizing that they were holding me back were toxic relationships. Whether they were romantic ones or ones with friends, any ones I walked away from were hard. It is often difficult to leave something that you have become used to, but I knew that it was all for the better.

What things have you had to walk away from in your life because you knew they were not doing you any good?