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“Just Choose To Not Be Anxious”

When someone asks why I can’t just choose to not be anxious 😑

“Just Choose To Not Be Anxious”

As Han Solo once said: “That’s not how the Force works!”

Anxiety Reels

Check out some anxiety Reels we recently shared.

The first Reel shares a few things that people can try to help combat their anxiety. The second Reel is a funny, relatable meme. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Help Combat Anxiety

Going To The Store When It’s Busy

Me When I Eat Spaghetti

This is literally me when I eat spaghetti 🍝. Not a dramatization 😂

What’s your favorite type of spaghetti? For me, thin spaghetti is undefeated.

I Have Anxiety

When Someone Says “But You Didn’t Seem Anxious!”

@turningpointct.org when someone says “but you didn’t seem anxious!!” … I’M JUST REALLY GOOD AT HIDING IT🥴✌🏼 #mentalhealth #anxiety #fyp #imanactor #fypシ ♬ Stephen Glickman LIVE in NYC Dec 17th Link in bio – Gustavo Rocque

Cleaning My Stupid House After My Stupid Depressive Episode

@turningpointct.org cleaning my stupid house after my stupid depressive episode that lasted weeks #stupidwalkchallenge #mentalhealth #fyp #depression #ct ♬ оригинальный звук – _malifisenta007_