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The Votes

“This poem was written many years before our current political situation. But it resonates very well with our times. Still the intention was to generate humor but I guess its about politics too.” – Kevin

There goes an old woman in a long nylon frock

Following the trail down the highway hill
Praising the name of David Phil
He is a good man they say, he is the man to run the main
And so the party people followed making their victory begging raid.
Well, they judged the candidates wife
“I believe she is pretty,” one man says
“She will make a fine first lady and I like her fashionable ways.”
“I heard she is from India
A humble lady,” someone says.
The wife prays for the party’s win
And the farmer prays for good
The lawyer prays for lower excises
And the janitor prays for higher wages
While the party president finds a perfect place, in that perfect day, to hibernate.
 The people of the nation; their thinking’s are ill
They vote a man in power with low credit and a high bill
The government full of doctors, but not accordingly they behave
And while the people wrestle to strive
The sovereign minds comes to a ‘still’




I love Disney, and was challenged to draw Elsa and Olaf from the movie Frozen!


Dealing with Change

I am the type of person that doesn’t like dealing with any type of disruption in her schedule whatsoever. I feel as if once I have a certain routine memorized and I alter it in some way, everything else that surrounds my life will come tumbling down. This is a hard reality that I’ve had to face over the years, and I have come to realize that my sense of wanting control over every little thing in my life is my way of gaining control over all those years that I did not have a say in what occurred to me or around me. Dealing with change can still be quite triggering and emotional, but I find a way to fight through it and make it all work out in the end.