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Recovery is Possible!

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“I swear to God I am not my story.” Many of us have struggled immensely throughout our lifetimes, just as this famous actor did. His story shows us, however, that we must not remain stuck in the mud, but rather make a choice to become better than the difficult hand life has dealt us. Recovery from ANYTHING is possible. I AM LIVING PROOF! 🙂

When is it okay to struggle?

Two years ago when I made the choice to start loving myself and take a different path in life, I realized it was okay to fall apart as long as I kept getting back up and trying again. When being a peer, it is hard to allow yourself that time to heal, cry, or just have a bad day. I have realized I am strong for myself, but sometimes too strong for others.

As peers, mentors and people in recovery, do you ever feel like you can’t have a bad day or show you are struggling because you do not want to let other people see you know see it?

Fresh Check Day @ NCC

Fresh Check Day @ NCC – On Wednesday, April 22, 2016 we celebrated #FreshCheckDay at Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, Connecticut. The West Campus cafeteria was filled with students, parents and campus/community organizations as everyone cheerfully engaged in conversation  and participated in more than 12 different booth activities that in one way or another, captured an aspect of mental wellness. Each booth provided an activity that engaged students and visitors and helped to facilitate the dialogue on mental health, opening the door for the first for many who, and I quote, “have never really thought about it”. From yoga to painting to even designing t shirts, NCC Fresh Check Day had it all and everyone that contributed surely made the event worthwhile but even more importantly, educational and comforting. The event saw over 150 students and as tradition goes, one student walked off with an awesome flat screen TV after winning the raffle. Huge shoutout to the one and only Miss. Lisa Slade (NCC Mental Health Counselor) for once again pulling it all together, NCC is on a roll!

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