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Opioid Treatment for CT young people!

The ASSERT Treatment Model (ATM) provides intensive family based treatment for young adults up to 21 years old with opioid problems. ATM is a new treatment that combines three services:

1. Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)

2. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

3. Recovery Management Checkups and Supports (RMCS)

ATM can be delivered in the privacy of your home or community clinic.

Typical ATM treatment includes 4-6 months or therapy (MDFT), followed by up to 12 months of recovery support (RMCS)

MAT is not required to participate in ATM, however, it may be initiated at at any time during treatment

The decision to prescribe MAT is made by the youth, family and physician

72% of Connecticut is covered by ATM— Here is a list of provider agencies that offer ATM:

Mental Health video by young adults!

Guys, check out this awesome video!

“From award-winning documentary filmmaker Arthur Cauty, comes Faces of Mental Health, a short film which challenges stigma and encourages open conversation around mental illness and suicide in young people.

Students in Bristol were offered a space to open up and share their thoughts and personal experiences of mental illness and suicide, with a view to encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds across the country and around the World to step forward and speak out.”

It’s on vimeo, and definitely worth a watch and a share!!

Check out the video here on vimeo

World Friendship Day

Hey guys! Today is world friendship day!!

What are you doing to celebrate? Do you have a best friend? A ton of close friends? Do you want to make friends?

I met my best friend when I was 11, at a brand new school. Two of my classmates became my lifeline for years of pain, and they stood by me through many storms. I barely talk to them any longer- not to any fault of their own. This last storm pushed me deep into a cave of isolation and convinced me that I was truly alone- and I pushed EVERYONE away.

I get so sad when I think about it. It wasn’t just THEIR friendship I lost, it was their family, who felt like my own as well.

But, I get to e grateful for over ten years of amazing love and support from two incredible people, and several others that came into my life along the way.

I struggle to make friends, sometimes I want more, and other times, the idea of being alone with someone seems so unnatural and scary and uncomfortable that I convince myself otherwise very quickly.

So, how about you guys? Hug your friends and thank them for being there! Today is the day to realize how good our friends are to us, and how much they TRULY mean!


Since this time of year makes you think a lot… about what you have, what you don’t, and what you wish you had lets talk about gratitude!
What are…
3 things your grateful for?
2 things you want to change?
1 thing you want to accomplish?
I’ll start!
I’m grateful for…
1. My daughter
2. Having a open mind and heart
3. Being loved and liked by my friends and family (even if I forget it sometimes)
I want to change…
1. My anxiety and have a positive state of mind and let things go that I cannot change
2. Living in a shelter
I want to accomplish…
1. Going back to school!

Why I "Love" Valentines day

I am more excited about Valentine’s day coming up then I was excited for any other holiday. People always say they think Valentine’s day is the worse holiday or that love should be shared everyday… Although I do agree that love should be everyday, I think it’s beautiful that there is holiday that is solely based on the concept of love.

When I was younger my mom always left a box of chocolates for my siblings and I. What was even more cool was the local flower shop in my hometown would give each person a bouquet of roses and carnations, but the point was to give each flower out to friends and family. I use to think this was just the most amazing thing. I loved giving them out to each of my friends, and maybe even my crush 😉

After a few years of heartbreak from an ex, (who would not let me celebrate this day) I realized that something important to me was well worth it. I now celebrate with my boyfriend, and it really isn’t about the gifts we give, or the dinner we have, it’s about being together and celebrating the love we have.

I think right now everyone could use some love, there is so much hate in our world. I wish it could be everyday, but I think Valentine’s day is special to have one day full of love. <3 <3


I’ve been getting jealous of other people’s happiness lately. When I go on twitter, or instagram, or facebook, I see everyone putting out pictures of them having a great time. Meanwhile, I’m sitting at home on my computer, by myself, and feeling so desperately lonely. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others, and I know I shouldn’t take these images as they are – since I know that people pump themselves up on social media to seem better than they really are – but I can’t help it sometimes.
Has anyone else done this?


I have been friends with the same people for pretty much all of my life. I met two of my best friends in first grade, when I moved to a new elementary school. The next one I met in second grade when she moved to our school. I’ve always been friends with them, but I’m getting to a point where I’ve outgrown them. We are very different people and it has been a huge adjustment for me in recent months as our differences have become more apparent. I am becoming increasingly more excited about leaving for college so that I can find new friends who are the right friends for me.
Not fitting in with my friends has definitely been a struggle for me as we have different clothing styles, music tastes, taste in guys, levels of maturity/independence, everything, so I am extremely curious to see how my friendships with them will grow and change as we embark on our new journey to college at the end of summer.