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Moths: Cultural Symbolism

It’s the 12th annual National Moth Week! This week celebrates the beauty, habitats and the life cycles of moths! Typically, National Moth Week is all about science; understanding and contributing data. You can do that here.

Outside of the science of moths during National Moth Week, I want to highlight a moth’s symbolism. A moth’s omen stance vary by culture but are very similar by their symbol or what they represent!

Befriending Moths, Culture, & Their Symbolism


I typically find myself befriending and being protective over moths. They land on me, even in daylight. Sometimes they allow me to hold them…which is rare. And, I just admire their presence around me.

Culturally, I find these occurrences to be good luck! And when someone kills a moth purposefully, it can bring great misfortune to that specific person. So I urge people to leave them be.

Moths symbolize change, transformation, endings, death, and mystery of the night. All of which I stand for and really value in my life.

Reconciling with Uneasy Moth Symbolisms

I know many people don’t feel easy around death symbolism. Depending on your relationship with moths, the translated message of their presence may vary. Which all really depends on your outlook on life. If you’re pessimistic, you’re more likely to be uneasy and translate a moth’s symbolism negatively. If you’re optimistic and stoic at heart, you’ll understand how a moth’s symbolism is all about opportunity, and beginning/ending cycles!

Either way, moths are here to remind people of opportunities regardless of the journey it takes to get there.

So, happy National Moth Week! Remember to enjoy the beauty of nature!

– Dez 🙂