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Compassion Can go a Long Way Video

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All it takes is one person. ONE individual who chooses not to give up on someone despite what their internal struggles may be, and who chooses to see the good in them even if they have yet to see it in themselves. YOU can make a difference in the life of someone who is around you that you may not even think looks up to you. Take the time to get to know a young person, understand the reasons why they act the way they do, and come to know that a little compassion can go a LONG way.

Has there been anyone in your life who has acted in a similar way? Do you think you would be where you are at this point in your life if it had not been for that person/those people?

Creative Writing Prompt!

You are given the ability to solve just one of the world’s biggest problems. Which do you choose? How would solving this problem change the person you are? Who exactly is affected by this solution? Would everyone agree with your decision?

My answer:

With so much negativity going on within our society in the present day, the one thing I would change without a doubt would be any type of discrimination. No matter what reason a person is using to act rudely or treat another human being in an unjust manner, I would create a way to make all people equal in EVERYONE’S eyes. When we are born, we are all born human, all created by life some way or another. When we fall and scrape our knee, the same color blood comes out. After we die and are buried underground, our skeletons will all look like skeletons. So, what really gives anyone the right to treat me or you differently than anyone else?

Lately we have seen many outbursts and media coverage pertaining to discrimination primarily due to race. Although this has been an issue that has been prominent for many generations, this is not the only reason people may fall victims to this horrible crime. Other factors that may set a person or group of people apart from others may include religion, sexual orientation, economic status, educational background, even their mental health status. There is so much stigma that arises when others see a difference. But why is the reaction to hate? Is it truly based on anger, or is it based on a deep seeded fear, a fear of the unknown and the difference, of the things that are not yet understood?

I know many people out there wouldn’t be supportive of my decision to somehow, some way make this possible but I also know a lot of people who are tired of being put in a box simply because of who they are. This decision would effect me personally as both a person living with a mental health condition and a father of a dark skin tone. I know who I am because of the progress I have made and all that I do to give back everyday. I know the type of man my father is because of his refusal to quit working hard for his family. If that isn’t reason enough to want to say enough is enough, what will be?

What would you change?