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Walking Paradox

I’m supposed to be a resource
The source of remorse
Has a force that endorses
reinforcement of goreish wars
Of course my coarse core
is forlorn;
It conforms
And morns the form warm dorms
That adorned in storms
More torn than scorns I’ve worn
Since I was born..

I wish I could endorse what I reinforce

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Pessimist II

Pessimist II

Blood drips from the cysts of blistered slits
On a wrist that pissed fits and missed bliss quit
When reminisced, the pessimist’s remnant deficit sifts;
Though shifts amidst its wits persist
This insists to admit the relevant element
Of inconsistent assistance for evident impediments…
Sentiment and venomous resentment remiss…
With this shit’s gist, I desist.


Ambiguity is my foe
It goads and gloats the high and lows that I MAY not know
It shows prose to those who sold cold holds
Though eb and flow grow a mold with scolding folds,
I’m told I hold bold tolls from the sole rogue hole in my soul
I yearn to let ambiguity go

I will survive… Mother Nature

Gravity dictates how high I can jump,
Rain promises me dark clouds,
The wind often seems to push against me,
The dirt and concrete prevent me from breaking to the core,

And still I love you mother nature

For the limits you have set for us WILL be realized…

The passion you command WILL guide me as gravity does soaring fowl
The effort you command WILL whether me as rain does rocks
The patience you command WILL liberate me as wind does withered leaves
The persistence you command WILL ground me as dirt does trees

I will always love you dearly