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National Coloring Day: It’s Actually Good For You!

coloring books
Two of my favorite coloring books!

September 14th is National Coloring Day! This day reminds us to set time aside for the things we enjoy while also giving us the opportunity to explore new, fun and creative art mediums! This activity alone has so many mental health benefits to offer so I’m taking today to share some with you and talk about my own experiences.

One of the biggest benefits of coloring is that it can actually reduce your anxiety. By reducing your anxiety, you’re doing more than allowing your mind to relax and function more efficiently. You’re also giving your body the chance to relax. Relieving stress and tension from your body allows it to rest and regain its energy.

Personally, coloring is one of my favorite activities. I often use it to self-soothe when I’m having a tough day. Two of my favorite coloring books are the ones pictured above, the World of Flowers and the Enchanted Forest. Both were created by Johanna Basford, she’s got plenty of others but these ones are my favorite. I love all of the intricate little details in them. They can keep me busy for hours.

I like to start by outlining the details of the page in marker with the colors I plan to use. This helps me steady my mind and focus on what I’m doing. It also really makes your page pop with detail. When I’m feeling anxious, coloring lets me escape from reality for a little while. National Coloring Day is your chance to escape. It’s a chance for you to pull out all of your favorite art mediums and just color to your heart’s desire. No matter your age, get out there and color!

coloring page
This is a page from my Enchanted Forest coloring book that I’ve been working on

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