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Little Miss Sunshine Emotion Wheel

Last week, when Collin was given the opportunity to design an emotion wheel with images to represent each emotion, he instantly thought of “Little Miss Sunshine.” Little Miss Sunshine of course represents “Happy,” but some of the other characters like “Mr. Tall” soon became “Mr. Lonely,” mostly because he’s the only one at that height!
Collin’s creativity truly captures the emotions of these characters. 🙂

Artist: Collin

It’s Okay to Talk By Collin

It’s Okay to Talk  – Collin’s a big advocate for mental illness. One of his goals while designing his T-Shirt was to design a baseball tee for young adult men. He specifically chose this population because it’s very difficult for men to express emotion due to the stigma of needing to be strong and emotionless. He was inspired by OK2TALK.org which is all about advocacy and talking about mental health. On the front of the shirt, it says #It’sOkaytoTalk and on the back it says “No Man Left Behind”
Artist: Collin

Steps to Self-Care

If you haven’t seen the flier yet, Michael posted information about a free workshop September 9 with Constance Arnold, who will help teach us some Self-Care techniques.

I also found a great visual for those of you who work in the mental health field – this definitely applies to our working peer support and outreach specialists and social workers. It’s a great visual to recognize the steps to take care of yourself when you feel burned out.
Steps to self-care

I always look for tips to staying healthy while working in this stressful environment and I thought this was a very “cute” layout to visually show us ways to practice self-care.

Do you have any tips to practice self-care?