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Patchwork – This is a collective piece that looks like a quilt of ideas.

Each square is designed by Kim, Val, Shelby, John, and Nanii in 3 minutes.


Kim, Val, Shelby, John, and Nanii

Geometric Girl

Geometric Girl – This is a collective piece that became triangle based. Each person added their touch in 3 minutes.

Someone even added in a face!
– Kim, Val, Shelby, John, and Nanii

The Not-So-Grim-Reaper

The Not-So-Grim-Reaper – This was a collective piece done by Nanii and John in under 3 minutes.

One person stylishly drew a blossoming bouquet of colorful flowers and the other twisted the image with good ol’ Grim!
-Nanii and John


Menagerie – This collective piece became a menagerie of bugs, fish, food, etc. and in some way it ties together. Who says spiders can’t eat carrots?

-Shelby, John, Nanii, Kim, and Val

Flip Me Upside Down

Flip Me Upside Down – This is a collective art piece completed by the young adult group.

Each artist contributed their own artistic talent to the picture, submitting their own touch to the piece in 3 minutes. This piece is called “Flip Me Upside Down” because the original artist started by drawing trees and hills, but the other artist turn the hills into trees.

Look from both angles and see the full image.
-John, Nanii, Kim, Val, and Shelby

Losing someone to suicide

Talking about mental health can be hard. The hardest thing I have found to talk about is suicide. Some one I knew took their life this week and I don’t know where to begin putting my thoughts together. I wish he had known there was help out there. I wish he had known that his life was worth living and that he mattered. I wish he had the chance to see all the people who cared about him. Depression can be deadly if we don’t ask for help. We should all have someone we can go to and openly talk about how we are feeling. There is this saying that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There is so much help out there, so if you are feeling like you can’t do it anymore I encourage you to reach out and keep fighting! You are so much stronger then you know, and if I can do it, so can you. Because the truth is suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better.

So please try to never ever forget that you matter because you do.

If you need help now call 1-800-273-8255 or text “CTL” TO 741741