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The Votes

“This poem was written many years before our current political situation. But it resonates very well with our times. Still the intention was to generate humor but I guess its about politics too.” – Kevin

There goes an old woman in a long nylon frock

Following the trail down the highway hill
Praising the name of David Phil
He is a good man they say, he is the man to run the main
And so the party people followed making their victory begging raid.
Well, they judged the candidates wife
“I believe she is pretty,” one man says
“She will make a fine first lady and I like her fashionable ways.”
“I heard she is from India
A humble lady,” someone says.
The wife prays for the party’s win
And the farmer prays for good
The lawyer prays for lower excises
And the janitor prays for higher wages
While the party president finds a perfect place, in that perfect day, to hibernate.
 The people of the nation; their thinking’s are ill
They vote a man in power with low credit and a high bill
The government full of doctors, but not accordingly they behave
And while the people wrestle to strive
The sovereign minds comes to a ‘still’




I love Disney, and was challenged to draw Elsa and Olaf from the movie Frozen!



Do you enjoy reading your horoscope online or in a magazine? Perhaps you are checking out the farmer’s almanac to predict the future?

Well, I came across a study that related birth months to predicting mental illnesses (with actual research and proof behind it!) So you will be given a real reason why your body acts the way it does instead of reading the vague prediction of you succeeding at the office or going on a date with the cute Taurus guy from class.

Here’s the study:

In a 2012 study (link is external), a group of researchers at Queen Mary University in London investigated whether the risk of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression increased depending on one’s birth month. These researchers looked at more than 29 million people from England’s general population, 58,000 of whom were diagnosed with one of these three conditions.

Winter babies were at the greatest risk for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, with January being the most common birth month for this group. Spring babies, meanwhile, appeared to be at greatest risk for depression, which demonstrated an almost significant peak in May.

Schizophrenia had significant lows for people born in July, and bipolar disorder had significant lows for individuals born in August and September. People born in November were significantly less likely to experience depression.

More research includes the probability of people with April, May, and June are at a higher risk of attempting suicide.

It is believed our biological clock has something to do with it – specifically our mood. Winter babies are having a more difficult time adapting to summer light, but then low Vitamin D (impacting the brain development) and infection (many illness in the winter, and allergens in the spring) is also linked to mental health challenges.
Now that we are aware of which months are more likely to develop certain mental illnesses, doctors can provide more support such as light therapy, monitoring mother and child for infections, practice meditation, etc. No fret!

When’s your birthday? Do you feel this study is pretty accurate/ help you understand why you are the way you are?

My birthday is in January and I was born in a snow blizzard, so it makes perfect sense as to why I was more likely to develop my illness. (Not the ONLY reason why I developed my mental illness).