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wing ridden angel

one day, an angel was sent down to earth.
she was excited to be given such an extraordinary opportunity.
the second her feet kissed our planet,
her wings began to deteriorate.
everything she’s ever known about heaven
drifting away from her like watching sand fall through your fingers.
with tear filled eyes, she fell down to the ground,
and watched her divine wings evaporate.
what happened next is unlike anything the angel has ever seen or felt.
her wings created a color so ethereal that it took her breath away.
in that same moment, she stopped crying.
she wiped her face, inhaled deeply, and exhaled hope.
her purpose became clear.
to be able to endure the pain of her human life,
she must let go of the very thing that once defined her.
now, what if I told you everything she’s ever loved since that day
has brought her pain?
and what I told you she still exhales hope?


i watched a pigeon die today
i was already late to work
when i spotted her
she sat on the
burning hot pavement
of an empty parking lot
she looked
she looked
she looked
her feathers were painted
white with a hint of light brown
i watched her from a distance
she was having trouble moving her legs
and wings
and so was i
i took a deep breath
walked towards her
and thought to myself
i felt anxious
i wanted to help
i didnt know what to do
with 4 different sized bags
wrapped around my body
i knelt down before her
her head slowly spun around
and around
her eyes filled with the most
lifeless hue of orange
i have ever seen
rolled up into her head
pointer finger extended
i caressed her body
after a few seconds
of emptiness
my body urged me to
do more
be more
like a child looking
for a hand to hold
she fell into
my palms
i brought her to a patch of shade
and set her down
as i noticed her condition
exponentially worsen
fear consumed my body
i phoned a coworker
relayed the situation
and as this was going on
i watched the pigeon
crawl back into the
scorching hot sunlight
absolutely dumbfounded
and at a loss for words
i asked my coworker to text me
the animal control number
before abruptly ending the call
i knelt before her
once again
and like deja vuu
she fell into
my palms
except this time
i felt sick to my stomach
i was quick to place her into the shade
because i knew deep in my heart
that this was
the beginning of the end
at the same time i received the text
she began convulsing
i was horrified
i didnt want to watch
but i did
her body flung around
and with every toss and turn
she spewed a brown liquid from her body
i felt overwhelmed
all at the same damn time
i wanted to scream and yell
but nothing came out
only tears
i remember covering my eyes
and turning away a few times but
it didnt feel right leaving her
to suffer alone
the pain must have been
i can’t imagine
after what seemed like an
the convulsing stopped
i watched the energy drain from
from her delicate body
what is life
without death
in a weird way i feel like
shes still alive
energy is forever flowing
its shapeless
some might say her life
came to an end
but i like to think
that this
was just