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2018 Awareness Calendar

Hi everybody! To celebrate the new year, Turningpointct.org has made a calendar showcasing mental wellness awareness days to share with you!

Below is the entire calendar

Share with your friends, or enjoy it yourself! Some of the days may be familiar and some may be new!
We hope you all enjoy it!

Happy New Year!

What if I never get THAT apology?

Have any of you ever experienced feeling hurt by someone and never having the opportunity to:

A: Confront the person about it
B: Get an apology
C: Talk things through to reach a mutual ground about the situation even if no one apologizes

What have been your experiences, and how do you feel about them now?

In my personal experiences, I can definitely say that I have been hurt by people who have caused me a great deal of harm, physically, emotionally, etc., and most of them I NEVER got the opportunity to talk to or get an apology from. On the same note though, as more time passes and I learn more about certain people, certain situations, etc, I come to realize that there are some individuals that don’t even have the slightest idea of the harm they have caused you or anyone else. Others may be living their life freely, in peace, rejoicing in every moment and I could be suffering inside. So instead, I made the choice to push all of those painful experiences I’ve had to go through and use them to help other people realize they don’t have to get stuck. It makes no sense to drink poison yourself and expect another person to die. If I would’ve continued to hate those whose caused me harm, I would’ve been poisoning myself and what good would that have done if it effects no one else but me? For me, it was about making a personal choice to be stronger than all of my experiences and realize that there were certain things that I was never going to get. I may never get certain things back, I may never hear I’m sorry for certain behaviors or explanations for heinous actions. But today, that’s okay because I’m okay.

What about for you?

What are you most afraid of?

Fear is a really interesting concept to think about, because it is something that is strictly individualized. While on person may be fearful of heights and spiders, another person may love flying on a plane and may have a pet tarantula. When evaluating your life, what do you think you are most afraid of? Do you think any of these fears prohibit you from accomplishing any of the things you wish to set out to do in your life?

I’ll go first.

The things that I am most afraid of are:

-Sea creatures, not like dolphins or sharks, but small creatures like shrimp and lobsters and crabs and smaller things like that.
-Getting in a “funk” so deep one day that I won’t be able to get out of it
-Weird holes/ things with holes
-Loosing my parents

I would say that my fear of holes and small sea creatures doesn’t prohibit me from becoming a successful person. I don’t think the fear of loosing my parents does either, because as much as I would hate to admit it, the cycle of life indicates that I will lose them one day 🙁 I feel like perhaps getting in a funk one day where I get stuck would definitely hinder my path to success, but the only way to deter that would be to push myself through it just as I do when I have gotten in funks before and have made it out on the other side.

What about you?